Tree trimming and tree removal can often be a daunting task. One must know what cuts to make and where in order to get a tree growing in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. Trees should always grow up and be cut at the collar. Many would be surprised at the number of individuals in this field that do not even know where to properly cut each branch. Cutting in the wrong place only invites unwanted diseases or pests to your tree, leading to further costs down the road. Also, bringing down large branches can cause harm to individuals or property if not done using the best practices possible.

No matter how prepared an individual or company is when making these cuts, accidents can happen. That is one of the reasons why McInnes Enterprises has made it a priority to be insured. While we have had minimal experience in damages, we also know we must be prepared should something go wrong to cover any type of damages that could possibly occur. Knowing if your service provider is capable and insured is a must when seeking out this type of service. Choosing the wrong service provider could lead to many problems in the future, whether it be damage to your trees or property.

"My yard was overgrown and a real mess. Tirey did a fantastic job of cleaning it up and was very professional. He showed up on time, kept me informed of all the work that needed to be done and called me when the job was completed. very satisfied with his work"

− Charles Luongo

"Very well. This was the second time McInnes has worked for me and he is also working for my mother. We are both extremely impressed with Tirey and his family and crew. I have recommended him to others and will continue to give his name to friends and neighbors. He is very reasonable and is most pleasant to work with."

− Jan Williams

"Mowed, edged, weedwacked where needed and used blower to clean up . arrived on time did a wonderful job on a lawn that had not been taken care of for a year. we are now using him on a regular basis."

− Kennison Menaldi