McInnes Enterprises offers two types of chemical programs: Fertilization and Pre- & Post-emergent Application. If you are on both a chemical and lawn-care program with us, we will be on site regularly to track the progress of our chemical treatments and the overall health of your lawn. Should additional tweaking need to be done, we will make the necessary adjustments at no extra cost to you, and often, we will spot a problem and address it before it ever comes to your attention!

Bermuda and Fescue grasses have different care requirements, but regardless of the grass type, every lawn should be fertilized throughout the growing season. Studies have shown that:


  • Proper fertilization can lead to a 33% reduction in water requirements for lawns, which can save you a considerable amount on your water bill, and
  • Fertilization promotes thicker growth, which helps to prevent weed growth in your lawn.

Pre- & Post-Emergent Application

Even if best practices have been employed in care of your lawn, you might find weeds still hard to control. Pre- and Post-emergents are a vital part of any lawn care program as they are the most effective way to kill existing weeds and stop the germination of weed seeds in your soil.

Let McInnes Enterprises get you on a program that will eliminate the weeds from your lawn and let you enjoy a lush, green lawn.

McInnes Enterprises can help you develop the right fertilization program for your grass type and lawn goals.

"They leveled lawn and cut out flower beds.It was great, I could'nt be more pleased."

− Judy Edgmon

"I have been using McInnes for close to 2 years for my lawn care and they have to be the best in Lubbock. They sprayed my lawn per our discussion last year about weeds and stickers that have been a problem in with my lawn. I like their work and their professionalism and I have told some friends about them. McInnes is also reasonably priced. I have recently purchased another home and they will be taking care of that lawn as well."

− Dedde Barber

"Regular lawncare/maintenance. They do a fantastic job at a great price, and I would recommend them to anyone!!"

− Rebecca Johnson